Greater Cambridge Community Sounding Board

Some of you may know there have been concerns expressed about the Community Sounding Board. FeCRA were invited to participate. What concerned the Committee was the gagging clause imposed by GCP,  the secret on line discussion – the list of all those involved is still not public and the exclusion of councillors. (see FeCRA Committee letter to the GCP attached). We are pleased the GCP has taken on board some of the concerns that people have raised but there is still the issue of secrecy and the basis on which those involved in the discussion have been selected.

The on line group has already discussed controversial questions – such as should the LLF continue and it may discuss other controversial schemes such as City Centre Access plans and the Spaces and Movement SPD. But, as the successful Greenways seminar showed, it is perfectly possible to have frank and open discussion about new ideas and approaches for tackling Cambridge’s issues without secrecy or the exclusion of councillors

A year ago over fifty FeCRA Community groups signed an open letter to the Greater Cambridge Partnership with suggestions for improving the process. Work on the suggestions brought together RA Chairs from across the city, some with very different agendas, and included reps from both city and county.

A year later and nothing has changed. We attach the suggestions for improvement that have been forwarded again to the Greater Cambridge Board. As yet there has been no response


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