292 Hills Road ‘York House’

Sunday 13 May 2018

Celebrate the history of a lovely Cambridge house before it is demolished

‘York House’ – 292 Hills Road, Cambridge – is about to be demolished, despite residents’ attempts to preserve this lovely house. It was built in the style of Lutyens for Cyril Ridgeon (founder of Ridgeon’s Builders) and has graced the corner of Hills Road and Long Road since 1924.

The owners who bought the site in 2015 have yet to submit any plans showing their intention for the plot once York House is destroyed.

Although we have not been able to stop the demolition, we do not want this building’s loss to pass unnoticed. Please join us at 3pm on Sunday 13th May to celebrate 292’s distinguished history and to show your concern at the escalating threats to Cambridge’s characterful historic housing stock.

Until very recently, the front of York House was decorated with a white rose, now sadly removed. If you would like to bring along a white rose, the symbol of the House of York, to mark the occasion, that would be much appreciated.

Email the organisers


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