FECRA AGM papers

AGM Papers for printing

FeCRA look forward to seeing you at the FeCRA 2018 AGM event “Making a Green City” on Friday (See below). For those of you who haven’t yet seen the AGM papers on the website, here is the link for your information. http://fecra.org.uk/fecra-minutes  Please remember to print off the AGM documents for your own reference as only a few printed copies will be available on the night.

AGM Event – New panel member – Stephen Kelly, Joint Director of Planning and Economic Development

We are delighted to announce that Stephen Kelly, will be joining the panel. We understand he will be making an important announcement about plans for the Spaces and Movement SPD for the city centre.

Committee members

You will know from the website that we welcome new committee members. Some committee members are stepping down at this AGM, including FeCRA Secretary, Dara Morefield although others have expressed interest in joining it. If anyone else is interested in joining the committee or helping in any way let us know. We would be delighted.

Universities Old Press/Mill Lane plans

Some of you missed the exhibition for this. The consultation has finished but the organisers have kindly agreed to display information boards at the AGM. They will also be there if you want to ask them questions.

Big changes to Lion Yard – Consultation Friday 20 April, 10-3pm;  Sat 21 April 10-2pm

This consultation has been advertised on Facebook with very little notice. Opposite Sports Direct within Lion Yard. Plans include:

a new food and beverages quarter

a new hotel within the office space above George House and Lion House above the shopping centre

update of the design and appearance of Lion Yard

public realm improvements

re-location of nightclub in the basement


Update – 291 Hills Road Demolition plans – Planning Committee decision 25 April

Hills Road Area RA and Queen Edith’s RA members along with Queen Edith’s community activists and councillors and candidates from all parties joined together to make a film and make a stand about the planning issues regarding the application to demolish 291 Hills Road. Since then it has also been drawn to their attention that it appears the developer of 291 Hills Road has argued (on a technicality drawing on the 2014 Affordable Housing SPD which is linked to the draft Local Plan undergoing inspection and to Policy 45 ) that there is no need to provide affordable housing for the 15 units proposed at 291, despite the fact that the Cambridge Local Plan 2006, the framework in which this application must still be considered, clearly states that 40% should be affordable

Para 30 in the Affordable Housing SPD (page 11) clearly states that in considering if a development meets the threshold for affordable housing under Policy 5/5 the net increase of dwellings will be considered EXCEPT where the site consists of a single dwelling (as in 291 Hills Road) where the gross number of dwellings will be considered and goes on to state that this is so as ‘not to incentivise the loss of large single family dwellings which are limited in number within the City.’

The gross number of dwellings at 291 Hills Road is 15.

They will know what the planners recommend by Friday’s AGM. A decision on the application  will be made by the planning committee on Wednesday, April 25. Like the recent Romsey Labour Club decision this has been a hard fought case and if the decision is to approve it will leave a bitter taste that well researched arguments and objections have been ignored.

Film screening of ‘Tomorrow’

Newnham residents and Friends of Sheeps Green have asked us to share details of their screening of the film ‘Tomorrow’ https://www.demain-lefilm.com/en/film Friday 27th April at Newnham Croft Primary School. Tickets available here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tomorrow-demain-film-tickets-44426354422

The film celebrates local, grass roots initiatives to make where, and how, we live better! The organisers say all welcome.

Reserve your free place via Eventbrite http://bit.ly/2IuXhu6



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