‘Raylands’ deadline extended

Charlotte Burton (Senior Planning Officer) has agreed to our request to extend the deadline for making comments on the planning application to Friday 23 March. You, your family members, neighbours and friends have an extra 9 days to send in objections.

 We enclose a copy of our report, and the key objections are summarised on page 4, as follows:

  • Similar planning applications in the Hills Road area have been rejected by the Planning Committee.
  • No good reason to demolish the house.
  • The proposal is out of character with the area.
  • A negative impact on the amenities of neighbouring properties.
  • The lack of a detailed plan for replacement trees.
  • Adverse impact on traffic congestion, accidents, noise and air pollution.
  • No provision for affordable housing.

A number of residents have complained about delays in loading comments sent by email. (This does not apply to objections posted directly to the planning website.) In response, Charlotte has asked us to send her details of any comments which are still outstanding. Please can you check that your email comments have been loaded, as follows:

1)     Click on this link   https://idox.cambridge.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=OU44CIDXM2Q00

2)     Click on the documents tab

3)     Scroll down to see if your address is listed

4)     If your address doesn’t appear, send us a copy of your email and we will notify Charlotte.

The Saving “Raylands” Campaign Team


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