Hills Road/Addenbrooke’s Cycleway Stakeholder Group Meeting Notes

3 Oct 2017

Attended by: County Councillor Amanda Taylor, City Councillor Tim Moore, Wendy Blythe, Jackie Sharpe, Sam Davies, Nicki Marrian, Grant Weller (Cambs County Council)

Apologies: Chris Rand, Rosamond McKitterick

307 Hills Road
Sam raised the issue of the leylandii hedge at No. 307 – Grant said that the grievances of the owners, the Caves, were being dealt with through the appropriate channels.
Remaining programme/snagging

White lines are due to be carried out on the evening of Thurs, 5 Oct; these works will include additional pedestrian symbols at the Perse entrance.
Update: any white lining not done on 5 Oct will be completed on 19 Oct.

RTPI signs
Amanda asked when the signs would be in place outside Trinity House, just north of Long Road, and on the floating bus stop south of Long Road. Grant said IHMC are completing the contract for installing and maintaining the RTPI units round the county and they will then look to put in the two new signs.

Andy Barham (Local Highways) will be carrying out reinstatements; Nicki flagged up a reinstatement needed outside the Helen Hotel. Andy needs to be made aware of the gully clogged with leaves outside Homerton. Update: Andy has since been contacted by an Addenbrooke’s employee about this issue, so he is aware.

Gritting of the floating bus stops in winter is an issue. The spread that the gritter lorry makes can be adjusted so salt is sprayed further, ie. onto the cycle lanes but it won’t reach the bus stop bypasses. Grant thought that salt bins located close by might be one answer. It needs further consideration.

Free Tree scheme – Wendy and Grant met with Matt Magrath on Hills Road. Matt has now identified where the free trees could go.
Sam asked about planting on the floating bus stop in the southern section – Grant has talked to the landscape contractors who are coming up with a price.
When the top soil is reinstated in the Phase 1 section, the soil must be tamped down.

The segregated foot/cycleway between Addenbrooke’s and Babraham P&R swaps the pedestrian and cyclist sides round near the bus station. It leads to confusion and having the cyclist part on the inside makes no sense. Grant has been told by Development Control that this is being looked into.
Sam expressed her thanks and appreciation of the contractors, John Henry Group, in their exemplary delivery of Phase 2 of the cycleway.


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