Hills Road Area Residents Association – HRARA

Hills Road is the main access to Cambridge from points South. The HRARA is based on the part of Hills Road between Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the Cherry Hinton Road junction. Among other amenities, we boast a Michelin 1 star restaurant, one of the most spectacularly ugly buildings in Cambridge, Cambridge University’s Department of Education, a renowned VIth Form College, the Perse School…. and lots of residents.

What galvanised the formation of the HRARA was the realisation that Hills Road is an important piece of the Cambridge infrastructure. Many of the local improvement plan involve changes to the way Hills Road is used as the City goes about its daily business. The ‘new’ cycle paths and their associated ‘landscaping’ are an example where some input from the local residents before, rather than after, construction would have markedly improved what we have ended up with. After all, we live here and have to look at it every day!

To keep track of the latest News for Hills Road, clicking on the link below will allow you to search the Cambridge News and Cambridge City Deal websites. Enter Hills Road into the search box and press the search icon.

News for Hills Road


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